Cafe Style Blinds

Cafe Blinds Victor Harbor

Improve your outdoor dining and entertaining areas with a slidetrack blind system.

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Window Shades

Window blinds. South Coast

These blinds are essentially a weatherproof curtain for your windows. A perfect option for shading rooms of your home from the outside.

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PVC & Shadeview

Clear blinds. Victor Harbor

The choice is yours depending on the purpose of your area. You can have both pvc and shadeview blinds back to back if you want the best of both options.

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Coastal Outdoor Blinds - With a focus on the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula

Protecting you against nature's elements

Our business already understands the importance of you, your family and your guests having "protection against nature's elements"

Coastal Outdoor Blinds can give you the convienience through a cafe style blind system, of being able to shield sun, wind and rain from your outdoor entertaining and leisure areas.

Using the South Australian designed "Slidetrack" blind system, we are confident that we can provide comfort and protection from wind, sun and rain all year round. This system is extremely popular due to the simple sleek design, and operation. 

The blind is withheld completely in the side tracks and across the bottom bar, minimising any gaps that can allow nature's elements to creep in. With no zips, ropes or pulley's, your view through the fabric or P.V.C is undisturbed.

Operating on The Fleurieu Peninsula and surrounding regions, using Stainless Steel components and fixings, makes our blinds a perfect choice for home owners in seaside locations like Victor Harbor and Aldinga.

CLEAR PVC  blinds are perfect for use all year round to provide almost complete protection from the elements.

TINTED PVC  blinds help ease the glare of the suns rays, making your area comfortable when sun shines right in.

SHADEVIEW  blinds, being most popular, in a generous range of colours repell nature's elements by 95%. Also great for year round use.

Digitally print logo's and designs directly to the fabric. Giving the commercial sector an attractive option for advertising, this makes our product very appealing.

You can have your blinds remotely controlled for the luxury element, or if you have difficulty with stretch type movements. A winding handle is also an option.